Artist Statement: 

I create psychedelic photomontages that represent a dream- like dimension of our universe.  I hand- pick photos from a variety of sources and carefully craft them into a single image. I frequently search the internet, magazines, books, and blogs among other methods, for materials and inspiration. In addition, I use my own photographs in some of my more personally significant pieces. My work is most greatly influenced by members of the surrealist art movement such as Man Ray and Hannah Hock. In addition, I follow contemporaries such as Ryan McGinley and Stanley Kubrick.

Each piece features different moods and energies that reflect my innermost desires, fantasies and dreams around the globe. My traditional East Coast upbringing clashes with the time I’ve spent on the West Coast in the past decade, which creates juxtaposition in my art. I occasionally include myself in my artwork as the darker shapes, while my musical influences are brighter. Each piece I create serves as a temporary escape from my reality. I always give viewers clues in order to get their bearings, yet leave room for creativity in the details.  I find the digital art world to be misunderstood, and hope that viewers can use my work as temporary vessels to embrace their desires fully.




Lindsey Price is an artist, photographer and designer living and working in Los Angeles. She received her BFA in Photography and Digital Media from California Institute of the Arts. Price concentrates on collage, graphic design and album covers. She has sold both nationally and internationally, is published in several issues of “Pacific Dissent” Magazine, as well as "Nailed" Magazine, and has been included in the several group exhibitions such as,  “Where the Magic Happens”, "Electron Salon", and "Beyond the Lines Art Show" in Los Angeles. Price is also a member of the Los Angeles Art Association.